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Public Consultation Principles

Public opinion makes our transportation system stronger. We understand that good planning involves the community, and that better decisions are made when many perspectives are considered. We want your help to shape plans for delivering an expanded rapid transit service that meets the needs of the community and current and future transit riders.

Your input to this important study will help shape plans for our expanding regional transit system. Help build the future of your community by taking part in all engagement activities, including attending the first round of Public Meetings (April, 2018) and subscribing to the project mailing list to receive Project updates. Together, we can build the transit network we need.

Meaningful – We will design engagement to ensure feedback is sought at appropriate and meaningful times in the planning process

Transparent – We will ensure records of all consultation activities are made available to the public

Inclusive and Accessible – We will engage the widest and most diverse possible audience through a variety of consultation opportunities and ensure our website, documents and materials meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requirements

Timely – We will offer early and ongoing opportunities for participation well before decisions are made

Balanced and Respectful – We will provide opportunities for diverse perspectives and opinions to be raised and considered

Flexible – We will adapt as required to meet the needs of participants

Traceable – We will demonstrate the impact of participant input on decision making

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