Background/ Project History

The Relief line North Project Team – Metrolinx, together with the City of Toronto (the City) and the TTC – are advancing plans for the Relief Line North. The Relief Line North will build on the ongoing Relief Line South Project Assessment (Downtown to Danforth) to continue rapid transit service north from Pape Station, with the goal of connecting to existing/ future rapid transit, such as Line 5 Eglinton and Line 4 Sheppard. This continuation of the Relief Line South will be a critical part of our expanding transportation network; better serving Toronto transit users and supporting the goals identified in The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan and the City’s Official Plan.  Provincial funding for the Relief Line North is currently in place to advance the planning and environmental assessment for this important rapid transit line.


Toronto City Council approved the Yonge North Extension EA, contingent on the Relief Line, and City/ TTC commenced study to determine the need for the Relief Line.


Downtown Rapid Transit Expansion Study concluded that the initial phase of Relief Line and GO Transit improvements would help ease crowding on the transit network.


Relief Line was identified as part of the "Next Wave" of transit projects in The Big Move Regional Transportation Plan and was identified by Metrolinx as a priority for future transit investment.


Relief Line Project Assessment launched. City/ TTC commenced planning for the preferred route alignment and station locations for the Relief Line South. The relationship between SmartTrack and the Relief Line was reviewed as part of this work.


Metrolinx’s Yonge Relief Network Study (YRNS) recommended a subway from downtown to Don Mills Station. Based on this study and recommendation, the Metrolinx Board gave direction to advance project planning and development on the Relief Line South and Yonge North Subway Extension, and assess a northerly extension – the Relief Line North – to provide relief to Line 1 Yonge and at the Bloor-Yonge and Eglinton stations.

July 2016

Toronto City Council approved the Relief Line Initial Business Case and Preferred Alignment for the Relief Line (Pape to Downtown via Queen/ Eastern) subject to assessment of an additional alignment west of Pape, within a local segment between Gerrard and Queen. 

May 2017

Toronto City Council approved the Carlaw alignment for the local segment between Gerrard and Queen and authorized commencing the Transit Project Assessment Process for Relief Line South. City Council also directed that an initial business case be developed for the Relief Line North.


Metrolinx, the City and TTC are establishing a Memorandum of Understanding to establish roles and responsibilities of the project partners for the next phases of work on the Relief Line.


The Relief Line North Project Team is beginning work to identify the route alignment and station locations, and begin conceptual design.

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